Tara Winer

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Endorsements by Elected Officials

Edie Hooton
Colorado State Representative HD10 Boulder & Gunbarrel

Mayor Sam Weaver

Junie Joseph
Mayor Pro Tem

Bob Yates
City Council Member

Mark Wallach
City Council Member

Mary Young
City Council Member

Mirabai Nagle
City Council Member

Susan Osborne
Former Mayor

Lisa Morzel
Former Mayor Pro Tem

Allyn Feinberg
Former City Council Member

Crystal Gray
Former Deputy Mayor

Andrew Shoemaker
Former Deputy Mayor

George Karakehian
Former Deputy Mayor

Steve Pomerance
Former City Council Member

Gordon Riggle
Former City Council Member

Richard Polk
Former City Council Member

Jeff Lipton
Louisville City Council

Endorsements by Organizations

Mayor Sam Weaver

"Tara has been a community leader in many areas of service in Boulder over many years. She is compassionate and dedicated in her contributions, including serving on the Parks and Recreation Advisory Board since 2020. Tara will make an excellent member of City Council as Boulder navigates the opportunities and challenges of the coming years."

Edie Hooton, Colorado State Representative HD10 Boulder & Gunbarrel

"Tara is a successful small business owner who has actively served on many of Boulder's boards and commissions. She is both pragmatic and compassionate, and her valuable real-world experience will be an asset to the complex and demanding issues the city council faces."

Bob Yates, Boulder City Council

"Tara is like your mom: Always asking how you're doing, quick with a compliment, and even quicker with a smile. But, Tara's friendly demeanor masks a super-smart person who is ever-curious. It's not long before she starts asking you questions about this issue or that. She wants to understand what you've learned, how you feel, and how you would approach things. It's by gathering this community input that Tara has already been successful in her service on the Parks and Recreation Advisory Board, as a founder of the Boulder-Ramat HaNegev Sister City, and as a member of the board of Downtown Boulder Community Initiatives, formerly the Downtown Boulder Foundation. A small business owner and mother of three daughters who, themselves, are active in the community, Tara is ready for her next challenge, on the Boulder City Council. I would be honored to sit next to her on the council dais."

Mirabai Nagle, Boulder City Council

"Tara is bright, enthusiastic, compassionate and easy to speak to. She is the perfect person to hold this demanding and difficult position for the City of Boulder. Her positive attitude and willingness to work with others, is what is needed in order to represent the many views Boulder residents have."

Mary Young, Boulder City Council

"Tara has the rare ability to think like a telescope. She can zoom out to the big picture and quickly pivot to zoom in on details. Combined with her innate curiosity and critical thinking skills she has the foundation for the makings of an outstanding City Councilor. We can all benefit from her help steering the weighty ship that is our community!"

Lisa Morzel, Former Deputy Mayor

"I am fully supporting Tara Winer for Boulder City Council for so many reasons. She understands our community, the challenges of climate change, and what needs to be done. Tara is someone you want representing you. She is a clear and critical thinker and will be an awesome City Council member. Vote Tara Winer!"

Andrew Shoemaker, Former Deputy Mayor

"Tara is balanced, thoughtful, down-to-earth, and a voice of reason. Just what we need on Council!"

Crystal Gray, Former Deputy Mayor

"Tara will hit the ground running with city experience serving on the Parks Board, and sustainability and transportation committees - and she has proven she values input from all"

Endorsements by Board & Commission Members

Susan Peterson
Environmental Advisory Board

Hal Hallstein
Chair, Open Space Board of Trustees

Mary Scott
Parks & Recreation Advisory Board

Elliott Hood
Parks & Recreation Advisory Board

Jason Unger
Parks & Recreation Advisory Board

Pamela Yugar
Parks & Recreation Advisory Board

Joel Koenig
Boulder Library Commissioner, Boulder Library Foundation Board

Lexi Adler
Chair, City of Louisville Revitalization Commission

Stephanie Trees
Downtown Management Commission

Pat Shanks
Former Boulder County Planning Commision Chair

Endorsers in Our Community

Jim Adler

Adam Adler

Dennis Arfmann

Kara Arnold

Meghan Bach

Kevin Bach

Ray Bambha

Iris Barnett

Bob Baskerville

Dede Baskerville

Gali Beh

Jorge Boone

Lisah Brown

Michael Bruns

Jay Buster

DeAnne Butterfield

Brian Carlucci

Bob Carmichael

Ari Chernoff

Michael Christy

Madelyn Clair

Rachel Clair

Caren Cohen

Larry Cohn

Sasha Dubyk

Cathy Dubyk

Sarah Edelstein

Paul Eklund

Mary Ellis

John Ellis

Barbara Fahey

Ken Flowe

Liz Fox

Sid Fox

Richard Foy

Rachael Fraenkel

Vicki Nichols Goldstein

Stephanie Gould

Stephanie Greenberg

Batya Greenwald

Clif Harald

James Harrington

John Harris

Elaine Harris

Brooke Harrison

Joshua Harrison

Lyle Jones

Nina Judd

Mindy Kaufman

Michael Kaye

John Kenyon

Susan Lambert

Margaret Lazar

Jan Liverance

Peter Mayer

Lyra Mayfield

Ty Melton

Hope Michelsen

Richard Monje

Joan Nagel

Beth Ornstein

Peter Ornstein

Katherine Payge

Anne Peters

Susan Peterson

Emily Reyonds

Robyn Ronen

Steven Rosenblum

Charna Rosenholtz

Joelle Rossback Dahl

Shari Roth

Daphna Rubin

Jen Schreiber

Matt Schreiber

Jack Schwager

Julie Shaffer

Sarah Silver

Rabbi Marc Soloway

David Somers

Kerri Somers

Shira Souvignier

Tom Souvignier

Lisa Spalding

Kevin Sparkman

Stephen Sparn

Aza Squarer

Charlie Stein

Barbara Steinmetz

Gail Storey

Porter Storey

Barbara Trager

Nancy Travis

Andrew Trees

Tami Turczyn

Carolyn Usher

Elaine Walford

Peter Wayne

Camila Weise

Jared White

Rhonda Wildman

Valerie Williams

Charlie Winn

Tim Wolf

Katy Yates

Jenna Yesner

Hear What People are Saying About Tara

"I believe that Tara will advocate for balanced, common sense, and innovative solutions for Boulder and the planet."
- Susan Peterson, Environmental Advisory Board Member

"I have known and volunteered with Tara for a number of years. We served on the Chautauqua Parking task force. She is smart, focused, collegial, a visionary and action oriented. Tara will make a great addition to the City Council. I am excited about her candidacy."
- Joel Koenig,
Boulder Library Commissioner and Boulder Library Foundation Board Member

"Tara enjoys communication & negotiation particularly in the name of deliberate, thoughtful change, not just to shake things up. Her bright energy invites collaboration. I’m hopeful for her election based on the emphasis she places upon critical needs regarding environmental protections. Having worked with her on the Boulder Parks & Rec Board this past year+ has exposed me to her consistently approachable style & I think she would add fresh air on City Council."
- Mary Scott, Parks & Recreation Advisory Board

"Tara would be great on Boulder City Council."
- Jeff Lipton, Louisville City Council Member

"Tara is a people person with an authentic and infectious passion for building bridges and collaboration; she has a great sense of humor and unique perspectives and creativity to help put ideas into action in line with her core values."
- Rabbi Marc Soloway

"She is a person who puts service to the community above politics"
- Charlie Winn

"Tara will be an outstanding and outspoken voice for the citizens of Boulder."
- Peter Mayer

"Tara will be a strong advocate for Boulder's parks and open spaces as well as our neighborhoods."
- Ray Bambha

"Tara brings a genuine interest in finding solutions that work for everyone. Her energy and experience with government-related positions (e.g., Parks & Recreation) contribute to her ability to understand the nuances of the issues that present. Recognizing that there are many different perspectives, Tara seeks to braid those opinions into a cohesive argument that makes sense and creates consensus. "
- Caren Cohen

"The first time I met Tara we had an impassioned discussion about waste management. This started a friendship where I learned about Tara’s heartfelt desire to build community and work with people – including people she might not agree with. Tara’s approach of simplifying complex issues and finding practical solutions has served her well in the community work that she has done. As a member of Boulder’s City Council, Tara’s focus on ensuring the health and safety of our community and finding pragmatic ways to navigate our complex issues will serve us all well."
- Peter Ornstein

"Tara has integrity and honesty. She knows how to get things done, and she works for the right causes."
- Stephanie Greenberg

"Tara Winer is involved in our community and cares about the future of Boulder. Tara is practical, effective and provides creative solutions. She would be a great resource on our city council and for the citizens of Boulder."
- Peter Wayne

"Tara likes to focus on solving problems by listening to others. She speaks plainly about her observations while seeking input from others in forming her opinions. This approach will allow her to make good decisions based on community input as a future member of the Boulder City Council."
- Beth Ornstein

"Tara understands what makes our community so special and appreciates how our environment, people, culture, schools, businesses, and other attributes interact to create our unique quality of place."
- Clif Harald

"For her common sense pragmatism and bridge building."
- Gali Beh

"I like her views on keeping open space open, protecting watersheds and streams, and making sure that we have the infrastructure to grow before we grow too much."
- Vicki Nichols Goldstein

"Tara's ability to research an issue, listen to all sides, and make an informed and measured decision is the kind of leadership we need!"
- Charna Rosenholtz

"Worked for many years with Tara through her business. She is a smart problem solver with a quick wit and compassion for others. You can't lose with Tara on your side. "
- Kevin Sparkman

"I have known and volunteered with Tara for a number of years. We served on the Chautauqua Parking task force. She is smart, focused, collegial, a visionary and action oriented. Tara will make a great addition to the City Council. I am excited about her candidacy."
- Susan Lambert

"I am endorsing Tara, because she is a good listener. She will listen to the concerns and passions of her constituents and weigh their input when making decisions that are best for the City."
- Julie Shaffer

"A true partner, leader, innovator who is full of passion and a great team player"
- Jared White, Ramat Ha Negev

"I believe she will work hard for the good of Boulder. "
- Katherine Payge

"She’ll bring a refreshing style to City Council…she’s very committed to the issues she cares about, yet is open to listening and considering diverse points of view. "
- Barbara Trager

"Tara's enthusiasm and energy is apparent from the moment you meet her. She has the persistence and drive to take on hard problems. She is willing to listen and engage with everyone, but she has the strength to stand by her own values. She will be a great City Council member!"
- Hope Michelsen

"She is intense, thorough, committed, hard working, understands the ‘ropes’, finishes a job."
- Barbara Steinmetz

"I endorse Tara because she will work for a safer and welcoming Boulder. I have served on a board with her and know she follows through on her commitments and is extremely dedicated, respectful and thoughtful."
- Liz Fox

"Prioritizes funding to get programs in place to make a difference in helping the homeless. "
- Rhonda Wildman

"Tara has the energy and the experience we need on Boulder's city council."
- Brooke Harrison

"People love Tara. They love that she’s genuine, straightforward and gets things done. I think she’d do incredible things on Boulder City Council. She has the experience and the tenacity to be a key player in making this city a better place. She’s already put a great deal of time and energy into supporting the City of Boulder. This is her continuing to do what she loves."
- Ari Chernoff

"Tara has demonstrated an impressive commitment to our community through her work on various Boards & Committees. Her love for our city is evident, and I'm confident that once elected, Tara will continue to advocate for change that benefits all of us!"
- Shari Roth

"I am endorsing Tara because I like her thoughtful, common-sense approach to the challenges we face in Boulder right now. She is creative and isn't afraid to ask a question."
- Daphna Rubin

"Tara gets things done. She understand the issues and work diligently, with community members, to get results."
- Aza Squarer

"Solicitous, energetic, sincere, ready to serve. Beneath her effervescent personality beats the heart of a warrior ready to fight on our behalf."
- Carolyn Usher

"I am endorsing Tara because she is hard-working, honest, and cares deeply about the community and others."
- Jim Adler