Economic Vitality & Diversity

My top priorities for Economic Vitality include:

  • increasing safety for downtown businesses
  • supporting local businesses, especially BIPOC and women owned
  • expanding the labor pool by providing incentives and housing diversity
  • finding ways to increase affordability for new businesses
  • broadening community outreach so all community members feel welcome and included

Increasing Downtown Safety

The new Ambassador and Ranger programs provide a non-police presence in the Downtown and aims to reduce crime affecting local businesses. I am interested in extending these programs to include the commercial Hill district. In order to do so, finding solutions for those experiencing mental health and drug addiction challenges will be a top priority. A new Day Shelter will help, as the unhoused will have a place they can go during the day to find services and other daily health needs.

Supporting Small Businesses

I aim to work towards simplifying city requirements and easing select regulations for new and existing small businesses with an equity lens so they can thrive. Some examples include: evaluating whether there are barriers to entry for permits and applications, assessing wait times, and identifying unclear language or processes.

Expanding the Labor Pool

Boulder has a labor shortage that is worsening. I support pilot programs that create incentives for people to work in Boulder and parking discounts for low-income workers.

Broaden Community Outreach

Our business community is too often unaware of the City’s resource and relief programs. Let’s increase city outreach to business owners with an emphasis on diversity and inclusion. We must support efforts to diversify applicant pools for affordable commercial spaces. We can also help local businesses with marketing through city and nonprofit partnerships.