Safe & Welcoming Community

A safe and welcoming community for both residents and visitors is one of the core responsibilities of the city government and my highest, near-term priority for Boulder.

My top safety priorities include:

  • expanding fire prevention and mitigation
  • increasing the safety of Boulder Creek, our bike paths and underpasses, our parks, and our schools
  • decreasing property crime and bike theft in our neighborhoods and our commercial spaces.

Fire Prevention & Mitigation

We need to ensure that our infrastructure is robust enough to meet the growing fire threat. And we are doing that. With a focus on thinning of the trees on our open space closest to our neighborhoods, community education on fire preparedness, our emergency notification system, and the rebuilding of fire station #3, we are working hard to ensure safety for all residents.

Safety & Maintenance

Boulder Creek

Boulder Creek is a local recreation destination for people of all ages. Boulder’s SAMPS team (Safe and Managed Public Spaces) has been doing a good job with trash cleanup by the creek. Our 2023 budget included an increase in the monies allocated to that team so look for some progress to come.

Bike paths and underpasses

The Boulder bike paths provide necessary transportation and recreation for our residents. As a bike advocate and lover of my electric bike, I am working on better lighting in the underpasses for better visibility as well as more frequent clean-ups to keep paths clean, safe, and free of obstructions. We as a city have prioritized trash pick-up in the bike underpasses, and we are seeing a difference.


Boulder’s parks are treasured shared community spaces. I have been advocating for them to be clean and well-maintained. I support Boulder’s current safety and preservation initiatives, including the ban on propane tanks, tents, and camping in public spaces.

Public Schools

We must increase safety in the areas directly surrounding our schools, especially Boulder High School. I support enforcing the camping ban and enforcing a drug-free zone.

Combating Property Crime


The rise in bicycle and catalytic converter theft requires more creative solutions. I support prevention initiatives, such as large-scale bicycle registration, security cameras at our Park and Ride lots and and city-supported tracking programs.

Our Commercial spaces

The rise in property crime in commercial spaces is a threat to business owners and the vitality of our city. The new Ambassador and Ranger programs are a promising step in the right direction and provide a non-police patrol for the Downtown and Hill neighborhoods. The Ambassadors also remove trash and graffiti and help visitors navigate the downtown. Another new safety initiative, sponsored by the City and the Boulder Downtown Partnerships, reimburses downtown business owners for surveillance cameras. It has already helped businesses retrieve stolen property. I support expanding these new successful programs to our other commercial spaces.

As we pursue these important safety initiatives, we must balance our need for public safety with a commitment to equity. We must hold people accountable to the law but ensure they are treated fairly and justly. Let’s work together as a community and find solutions to achieve these goals.