Re-elect Tara Winer

Boulder City Council

Tara's Priorities

Balanced Solutions for a Stronger Community

I passionately support a Boulder that is welcoming, inclusive, safe, and accessible for all, a Boulder that fosters creativity and mutual respect.

It has truly been an honor and privilege to be your representative on Boulder City Council, and I am running for re-election because there is much work left to do.

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On the Issues

The key issues I'm continuing to focus on

  • Improving the safety of our public spaces
  • Upgrading bike underpasses and multi-use paths
  • Creating upstream solutions to prevent homelessness
  • Providing more treatment options for those with substance abuse and mental health issues
  • Increasing affordable and middle-income housing
  • Enhancing fire and flood preparedness and mitigation
  • Supporting funding for the arts
  • Improving economic vitality

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Community Endorsements

"Tara Winer has been a responsive, hard-working, and evolving council member during her first term. We admire her commitment to transportation equity and bicycle safety, and housing accessibility. We also appreciate her willingness to meet with Boulder residents and truly consider their differing perspectives - a quality that has become a true hallmark of her character as council member."

-Better Boulder

"Tara Winer has proven to be hard-working and open-minded in her first term on the city council. She has a record of supporting environmental policies and demonstrated a willingness to work collaboratively on difficult issues surrounding land use, housing, affordability, and transportation."

-Sierra Club

We often vote for candidates based on what we hear from the people we know and trust. Endorse Tara today.

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