Transportation Priorities

My top priorities for Transportation include:

  • improving biking safety by creating protected bike lanes and enhancing Boulder bike paths
  • increasing the quality and consistency of our public transit
  • improving road safety and maintenance

Expanding Public Transit

Public buses play a vital role in providing necessary transportation for many residents while also reducing parking and traffic congestion. The more consistenat our public transit is, the more residents will utilize the buses. Cancelled routes and decreased service make public transit less desirable. A reliable, convenient public transportation system is the only way to reduce driving and reach our climate goals. Public transit must also reduce its climate footprint. Shifting to electric public buses should be a climate priority for Boulder.

Preserving Boulder Bikeways

The maintenance of our bike paths is a personal priority of mine. To increase safety, we need better lighting in bike underpasses and paths free from trash or obstructions. There is nothing my husband and I love more than riding our electric bikes all week. The bike paths are a Boulder treasure so let’s treat them this way.

Improving Road Safety & Maintenance

I support VISION ZERO. Residential streets make up 70% of Boulder streets, and a 20 MPH speed limit (20 is plenty!) makes our streets safer for children, walkers, and cyclists. I also and advocate of “taking care of what we have:” fixing potholes, keeping shoulders well-maintained, and ensuring efficient snow and ice removal.